World Heart Grant applications are now open!


Dear Members,
We are delighted to launch a new round of World Heart Grants, available exclusively to WHF Members.

We are looking for projects that have well-defined timelines and outcomes and that reflect our mission to connect and lead the cardiovascular community, translate science into policy, and stimulate and catalyse the exchange of knowledge and information. We are primarily seeking:

  • Projects that promote World Heart Day 2021
  • Organizational capacity building projects

We will be granting up to USD 2,000 for each successful application. A signed Grant Agreement will be required before award funding is wired to the recipient.

Who can apply
Applicant must be a fully paid at the time of application and recognised WHF member organization.

Selection criteria

  1. The applicant must clearly state the intended impact of their proposal. Depending on the nature of the project, impact may be measured by numbers of people included in or benefitting from the activity, pre- and post-activity measures of changes in knowledge/attitudes/awareness, or adaptation to the current situation.
  2. Clear, focused, measurable objectives that can be achieved in the short term with a detailed timeline.
  3. Sustainability of the impact evidenced by viable opportunities to use the activity (patient education materials, translations, workshops), the training or platforms for the future.

Deliverables for projects (required)

  1. Short mid-term narrative report after project initiation.
  2. Short narrative and financial report no later than one month after project completion.
  3. Photos/videos suitable for press releases and/or online promotion. 

How to apply
Create your user account on the new MyWHF portal and manage your grant application in the dedicated section. The application must be submitted in English.

Applications should be submitted by 1 July 2021.

Should you have any questions about the World Heart Grants or the application process, please email us at