Inventions and Innovations Symposium; Rewriting the Future of Healthcare (INI)
data: 04.11.2019 - 05.11.2019
miejsce: Tel Aviv,
organizator: Comtecmed
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce and invite you to the first Inventions and Innovations Symposium; Rewriting the Future of Healthcare, taking place November 4-5, 2019, in one of the world’s leading technological cities: Tel Aviv, Israel.
The first of its kind, Inventions and Innovations 2019 will focus on bringing science and technology together; using technological advances to address how medicine is going to look like, next year, next decade, in 2050
We are honored that Nobel Prize Winner and geneticist, Roger Kornberg, will be joining us as a keynote speaker at the Symposium, along with other renowned Nobel Prize Laureates. This will catapult us to the very forefront of cutting-edge developments in healthcare, enabling us to truly examine how the future of healthcare might one day look. On top of innovative individuals, the Symposium has also teamed up with global innovation centers, whose soul purpose is to research and implement the latest discoveries.
Healthcare involves more than just medicine; the wider world plays a huge part in influencing and changing the way modern healthcare works. As such, our unique program will also include humanities lectures, which look at society and this inventive and innovative country that I am proud to call home.

We are extremely excited for you to join us in Tel Aviv for what promises to be not only a fascinating educational program but also a vibrant and captivating networking opportunity.

With warm wishes,

Nadir Arber