Specialized Research Fellowship (SRF)


Dear Colleagues,

We feel very honoured to offer a unique opportunity for individuals below 36y to undertake specialized cardiovascular research in an ESC Member Country center of excellence. The mission of the Specialized Research Fellowship (SRF) is to enhance the leadership and professional skills of young Polish researchers in cardiovascular medicine. The first aim of this initiative is to build long-lasting, sustainable partnerships between Polish and foreign cardiovascular centers. Program participants are placed in intensive 5-6 month fellowships in the leading cardiovascular centers in an ESC Member Country for an individually tailored professional development experience. Secondly, the program gives an outstanding opportunity to build a broad network with other program participant colleagues.

All the details you will find on our website (http://klub30.ptkardio.pl/) and in a file attached to this email. The submission deadline is the 30th of June, 2023. We strongly encourage you to submit your application.


Zgoda na przetwarzanie danych osobowych


Best regards,

Miłosz Jaguszewski, Błażej Michalski and the board of the Club 30 of the Polish Cardiac Society